The first floor of Donghu District in Nanchang has

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The construction of the building has been completely stopped, and the windows have been covered.

China Jiangxi net news reporter Jiao Junjie reported: on December 3, China Jiangxi net published an article entitled Nanchang: building decoration without protection, dust flying like "Snow" and urban management pushing each other away, which reported that the noise and dust pollution generated by the decoration of a building in East Lake District seriously affected the lives of nearby residents, causing widespread concern. On December 5, the reporter learned from the on-site visit that the construction building has been fully suspended and is being rectified

the windows on the other side of the construction building have also been covered

at noon on December 5, the reporter came to Xianshi cross street in East Lake District, and the street returned to its former calm. The harsh sound of electric drills a few days ago has been lost. In front of the construction building, the reporter saw that the windows of the whole building had been covered, and the construction workers had all withdrawn. Ms. Zou told reporters, "the work was stopped at 9 o'clock yesterday morning. This morning, their boss came to apologize to the residents, thanks to your report on China Jiangxi network."

under the guidance of Ms. Zou, the reporter found Mr. Tu, the person in charge of the reconstruction of the building. He told the reporter, "this building is really going to be decorated into a hotel, because disturbing residents has been ordered to stop work completely, and is currently being rectified." According to Mr. Tu, the next step is to completely cover all windows, dry the water and remove dust, and change the responsible construction team at the same time. On the afternoon of the 5th, the reporter verified from the urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau of Donghu District, Nanchang that the building has indeed been completely shut down





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