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Diatom mud as a new building material is gradually known to the public, which shows the charm of diatom mud. However, if some home decoration customers and construction teams who have not used diatom mud are not familiar with diatom mud construction, the decoration effect may be discounted. What are the requirements and preparations for the wall surface before the decoration of the new house

i. the new wall surface needs to have enough maintenance period, which generally needs to be maintained for 1 month. If it is in low temperature or humid areas in winter, the maintenance period should be extended appropriately to ensure that the wall humidity is less than 10%. Special instruments (LCD dual probe wall hygrometer) can be used to detect the humidity of the wall

2. The alkalinity of the wall must be less than 10. Generally, after the new wall is plastered with cement mortar, how can the decoration save more money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. The alkalinity of wet state is 14, and its pH value can be reduced to 8 after curing for about 1 month. Wet the wall with clean water, and then adhere the wall with precision pH test paper for a few seconds to test the pH value

3. Check the substrate for hollowing and cracks. The hollowing of the wall will seriously affect the adhesion of the coating, which is usually checked by visual inspection, knocking, hard carving, hand wiping and other methods. If hollowing is found, it must be completely eradicated, repaired and leveled with matching putty or repaired and filled with cement mortar with the same proportion as the wall mortar according to the same construction method of the wall, so as to ensure that the coating absorption is consistent and there is no joint mark. Wall cracks seriously affect the decorative aesthetic performance of the coating. Cracks found shall be filled and repaired with special filling putty. Large hollow cracks can be repaired with mortar first and then troweled

4. Treatment of floating sand and lime sand on the wall. Before painting, use a shovel or scraper to shovel it once, or use a wire brush to remove it, or use a hard bamboo broom to remove floating sand. Sand holes and pits in the wall, such as scaffold holes, air conditioning holes, window sleeves, and defects left in the laying of pipeline facilities, need to be treated with the same materials and construction methods as the foundation surface of the wall. This is often overlooked during construction. However, after diatom mud is put on the wall, it is easy to find discordant flowers, which seriously affects the decorative effect

6. Overlap mark of base surface plastering. The uneven lap mark of the substrate will affect the aesthetics of the decoration. Before construction, it must be polished with a grinder

7. Wall nail head. Before construction coating, the iron nails shall be cut out and knocked down the wall, and then the nail head shall be treated with antirust paint

when diatom mud is constructed on the new wall, pay more attention to these details, especially the alkalinity and hollowing of the wall, so as to avoid problems after construction, which will affect the effect of diatom mud and the mood of the owner




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