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Did the hands cut on last year's double 11 grow well this year? Facing the double 11, our attitude is rational consumption

has the hand cut on double 11 last year grown well this year

facing the double 11, our attitude is rational consumption

choose what you need and buy what is worth it

Shangpin natural color home furnishing flagship store, give you a discount in advance

Shangpin natural color wooden doors pay attention to space art and cooperate with the overall environmental atmosphere

our door is not only made of wooden doors,

more importantly, it is an attitude of life that will not make do with it

today, I will plant two kinds of wooden doors for you:

1. Cute little whale

cute little whale

cute is justice

comparable to Doraemon any door

high appearance: extremely designed, cute all over the body

good sound insulation: with our door, let him sleep quietly and grow taller

environmental protection praise: let him breathe freely, dare to laugh and dare to make trouble

2. Wave ripples

wave ripples

the concerto of geometry and color

at a glance, it looks like a pool of spring water

high style: strong artistic flavor, refined taste

good mute: one on and one off, no annoying noise

very healthy: from environmental protection, rest assured to enjoy

it adopts linear mechanical framework, and after 32 complex processes, it has excellent effects of high temperature pressing, mute and heat preservation

German Henkel glue and healthy China Resources paint are used, which is safe, environmental friendly and safe to breathe

use high-grade magnetic mute lock, exquisite lock body and Pu sealing strip to mute to the end

during the double 11, you can use threshold free coupons and exquisite gifts to buy this wooden door at Shangpin Bense home flagship store





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