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Looking at the products of aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market in recent years, almost all of them have the same appearance. In the face of such shopping malls, most consumers have no choice. In the context of fierce competition in shopping malls, aluminum alloy door and window companies may achieve benefits in the short term after copying, but they also put themselves into the "tiger mouth". Aluminum alloy door and window companies can only break through the "homogenization" ceiling by strengthening innovation and paying attention to commodity design

commodity design towards "personalization" aluminum alloy doors and windows commodities should be close to 8090

commodity design of aluminum alloy doors and windows towards personalization

the diversification trend of new spending needs will also be destined to break the original single home design personality. The industry generally believes that the homogenization of aluminum alloy door and window commodity design is relatively serious. If one company introduces a certain personality, other companies will also launch it one after another. However, shopping malls are personalized. In terms of today's home day methods, a single personality is no longer satisfied with the needs of shopping malls, and consumers will choose personalized goods according to their own day methods

in order to match the aesthetics of young consumers, now, many aluminum alloy door and window companies' main products have begun to change in design, and the overall personality is more young and fashionable. For example, the multi personality appearance design with classical, modern, simple and fashionable just meets the needs of new consumers. Coupled with modular and combined installation methods, it also makes the completion of more personalized aluminum alloy doors and windows possible

aluminum alloy door and window companies need to pay close attention to the characteristics of youth spending

in addition to making countermeasures for the collective spending characteristics, the company should also keep pace with the times and stay at the top of the trend. As everyone knows, wechat has changed from a simple social software to a day software that provides all-round services. The infinite traffic hidden on the back cannot be ignored, and most of the traffic comes from young groups. Therefore, the company can keep pace with the times and use the wechat platform to get through the traditional promotion forms and interact with users, so that it can truly "understand" users

for aluminum alloy door and window companies, what are the opportunities for wechat promotion? It lies in the current development potential of wechat itself. On the one hand, wechat now has more than 500 million users, and the number is constantly increasing, which also means that potential customers of companies doing wechat promotion are also increasing. For a company, catching wechat users means catching potential business opportunities. Businesses can quickly find policy customers for themselves in a short time through wechat, provide them with corresponding push services, and then turn them into loyal fans of the brand

a large number of major brands, including aluminum alloy door and window companies, have launched countermeasures for youth. Aluminum alloy door and window companies should keep pace with the times, open up more ways to meet the spending habits of 8090 people, strive for the top, and strive for more companies to be among the powerful brands

in general, under the condition of fierce competition, aluminum alloy door and window companies need to adhere to the transformation based on shopping malls. Only in this way can the company finally win the favor of shopping malls and consumers





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