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"Xinhua" enterprises used to be the main body of China's printing industry

the printing industry is facing the contradiction that the production capacity exceeds the demand, and has entered the era of meager profits; At the same time, it is also facing a grim situation of rising costs and falling wages. In the new round of industrial restructuring, surrounded by many private and foreign enterprises, and in the context of the maturing digital printing technology and emerging digital products encroaching on the traditional book printing market, Xinhua printing factory, once the mainstream of Chinese printing, has the most urgent task in front of all Xinhua book printing enterprises to change the growth mode and speed up the strategic transformation

old drawbacks of Xinhua

Xinhua enterprises used to be the main body of China's printing industry, bringing up a large number of outstanding talents in the printing industry. However, in the current domestic printing industry, Xinhua has a tendency to be marginalized or even de Xinhua

many people believe that Xinhua represents tradition and inefficiency, and even some old Xinhua factories take the opportunity of restructuring or relocation to try every means to remove the word Xinhua from the enterprise name. According to the statistics alone, the number of Xinhua enterprises is really not very good-looking. There were few Xinhua enterprises in last year's top 100 printing list, and none of the top 20 enterprises. Although the figures can not represent everything, they can at least reflect that Xinhua is gradually moving away from the main position of the printing industry

two years ago, an article believed that the identity of traditional book printing enterprises and the special mission of textbook printing doomed the business limitations and transformation difficulties of Xinhua factory. If Xinhua factory still only positioned itself as a book printing company, it would be more and more difficult. Digital printing, interconnection, recycling of teaching materials and reduction of reading rate have decided to carry out relevant industrialization research challenges in the field of polylactic acid, which are common issues faced by state-owned book and journal printing enterprises represented by Xinhua factory

Xinhua's enterprise is no longer prosperous, but Xinhua is gradually weakening. There are two key reasons: one is the single product structure, and the other is the lack of modern enterprise management system

the specific manifestation of the single product structure of Xinhua enterprises is that they rely too much on textbooks. All resource allocation is carried out around textbooks. In order to successfully transform, they should not only have the courage to die and survive, but also need strong financial support; The specific manifestation of the lack of modern enterprise management system of Xinhua enterprises is that the system and mechanism are relatively backward, which not only lacks incentive mechanism, but also has some state-owned enterprise diseases at the management level. Some managers usually think that making money is public and the trouble is their own, so they dare not face the market risk. Therefore, the reform and transformation of state-owned enterprises, especially those of us old Xinhua, is fraught with thorns and difficulties

new opportunities for Xinhua

although Xinhua itself has so many difficulties, this does not mean that Xinhua enterprises can retreat from difficulties and do nothing in this round of enterprise transformation and upgrading. On the contrary, they should seize the opportunities and make great achievements. They should shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing the society of China's printing industry without hesitation, and shoulder the banner of revitalizing Xinhua enterprises and leading the future of China's printing industry without hesitation, This is because Xinhua enterprises are facing unprecedented opportunities:

opportunity 1: the revitalization plan for the cultural industry was approved by the State Council, and printing is listed as one of the key cultural pillar industries. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the total output value of the printing industry will increase from the current more than 600billion yuan to more than 1trillion yuan, nearly doubling. There is huge space and potential for industrial development

opportunity 2: local publishing groups have listed their Xinhua factories as the key development objects during the 12th Five Year Plan period as an effective way to coordinate the development of the industrial chain, promote the integration of resources and promote the collectivization strategy. The strong resources and capital advantages provide a guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of Xinhua. The best evidence is that some Xinhua factories follow the overall listing of the publishing group

opportunity 3: the entry threshold of the book and periodical printing industry led by the national administrative force is getting higher and higher, which has prompted the printing industry to enter the era of large-scale technological upgrading. The rapid advancement of new technologies represented by green printing and digital printing technology has made it possible for Xinhua to surpass it again

therefore, in the next five years, Xinhua enterprises must seize the opportunity to change the situation of over reliance on teaching materials by adjusting their product structure. By grasping the application of new technologies, we can supplement new businesses and expand in other fields. By building a modern enterprise system, improving operating efficiency, improving technical level, and realizing transformation and upgrading, the forging material industry is the foundation of national economic development, creating a new Xinhua era

grasp green and digital

the key to how Xinhua enterprises survive and develop in adversity is to follow the trend, find a path that is most suitable for them, find the right entry point, and drive them through real projects. At present, green printing, digital printing and digital printing are the entry points for us to achieve our own strategic goals, and also the key to whether we can take the lead in the successful transformation and upgrading of Xinhua enterprises

Taking Jiangsu Fenghuang Xinhua printing as an example, as a member of the national Xinhua enterprise, it will focus on green and digital from four aspects: first, further reduce energy consumption and pollution, and create a green printing and reproduction industry. A total investment of about 10million yuan will be invested in the construction of centralized gas supply, centralized ink supply, centralized waste collection facilities and the transformation of PUR technical equipment. Second, actively participate in the research and formulation of environmental protection standards for the printing and reproduction industry, and promote the application of energy-efficient technologies and products. Third, vigorously promote digital printing. According to the unified deployment of Phoenix Group, it invested 50million yuan to establish Phoenix digital printing company. In the next five years, it is necessary to open 50 chain flagship stores nationwide, and strive to take the lead in the transformation of China's future traditional book publishing and printing mode to on-demand publishing and printing. Fourth, there will be great progress in electronic materials, optical materials, magnetic materials, etc. to implement the printing digital management project, invest 10million yuan in three projects: ERP, CTP and Phoenix printing digital technology center, and strive to use the printing digital technology to realize the innovation of business model, so as to make phoenix publishing media group take the lead in the country in printing digital

I believe that as long as all Xinhua enterprises firmly grasp the opportunity of green and digital, and find the right projects to drive, they will be able to successfully achieve transformation and upgrading, and successfully create their own new Xinhua era


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