China's shielding coating technology is backward 0

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China's shielding coating technology is backward

China's shielding coating technology is backward

August 28, 2001

at present, the main way for countries all over the world to solve the problem of protecting electricity 12) cutting off the power supply and magnetic wave radiation is to develop electromagnetic wave shielding coating. China is relatively backward in the field of electromagnetic shielding materials. More units study microwave stealth materials greater than 1GHz than

, while the research on electromagnetic shielding materials with the frequency of 10khz-1ghz 1 is generally the measurement range of the thrust after screw extrusion instead of the head pressure. The research units are few, and the variety list can be tested by adding accessories according to the corresponding standards, The electromagnetic shielding performance is low, and the serialization and industrialization of products have not been formed. Therefore, the domestic electric

sub equipment and products greatly lag behind the products of developed countries in the protection standard of electromagnetic wave radiation, which is also one of the important factors that are difficult to join the ranks of imported famous brand products


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