Cleo launches prepress data exchange tool

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Creo launches prepress data exchange tool

Creo will launch the latest software tool for automatic exchange of prepress data through graph Expo industry exhibition

synapse link software will be connected with database driven printing production system and management information systems such as printcafe's Hagen/OA

according to Cleo, this new software will provide printing enterprises with greater flexibility in prepress and help them improve the biodegradability of production. The joint scientific research team of Professor Chen Yongsheng of the school of chemistry and Professor Tian Jianguo of the school of physics of the university has changed the one-stage preparation technology of samples by fixing two planes and clamping bolts through three years of research on the preparation of surfactants with poor energy or high toxicity; The preparation technology and production efficiency of chemicals that do not meet the environmental protection standards. The system works by tracking activities such as changes in demand, use of prepress materials and equipment time to highlight unnecessary costs. This operation, in turn, will result in a more accurate and detailed list of procedures and better inventory management. Synapse link software is developed based on the open standard of job messaging format (JMF)


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