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Climb the world brand peak! Lingong group has been honored as one of the top 500 Asian brands for seven consecutive years

to climb the world brand peak! Lingong group has been listed among the top 500 Asian brands for seven consecutive years. Michael Taylor, vice chairman of the American Plastics Industry Association, delivered a speech related to sustainable development and innovation. China Construction machinery information

on September 22, the ranking list of the top 500 Asian brands in 2020 jointly prepared and released by the world brand laboratory and the world entrepreneur group was announced. With its strong brand strength, Lingong has been on the list for seven consecutive years and continues to make great strides towards the goal of world-famous

according to the data obtained by the world brand laboratory based on financial data, brand strength and consumer behavior analysis, the value of temporary work brand reached 41.589 billion yuan in 2020, a significant increase of 204.19% compared with 13.672 billion yuan in 2014, both in terms of capital investment and technical indicators

release innovative efficiency and create value return

temporary engineering group, established in 1972, has always focused on the R & D and manufacturing of construction machinery and equipment for 48 years. Its products cover 15 product series, such as loaders, excavators, rollers, graders, mining vehicles, drilling rigs, underground equipment and high-altitude working machinery

in the Chinese market, temporary loaders have been in the forefront of the industry for many years, mining trucks have been in the forefront of the industry for many years, and the growth rate of industry sales and excavators have been at the forefront of the industry. High altitude working machinery has quickly occupied the market and become the leader of the industry

from complete machine products to key parts, Lingong group has formed an industrial system with complete varieties and high technical level. It provides users around the world with comprehensive solutions for mine construction, urban construction and industrial automation, serves more than 130 countries and regions around the world, and provides users around the world with high-quality products and international housekeeper services

at the same time, based on the "reliable" quality culture and taking the process operation as the main line, temporary workers continue to deeply promote the total quality management of the whole staff, the whole process and all directions, continuously improve the product quality, and produce and release huge innovation efficiency with the innovative management mode of "one whole, two innovation and three combination", so as to make continuous progress towards the goal of "smart factory" and "smart temporary workers"

Lingong group takes the lead in developing energy-saving technologies in the industry and continuously reduces emissions through technological upgrading; Establish strategic cooperation with WWF on energy conservation and emission reduction; Guided by the market, creating brand with quality and promoting development with innovation, it has successively won the provincial governor quality award, national quality award, European Quality Award, etc. With high-quality products and services, Shandong Lingong continues to create value returns for customers

bravely take on the society and shape a global brand

donate money to help students, earthquake relief and poverty alleviation... While developing with high quality, as an enterprise citizen, he does not forget the society when working, actively participates in public welfare activities, deeply focuses, positive energy and great feelings, and shows the and responsibility of global enterprises

in 2012, Lingong group took the lead in joining the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) carbon emission reduction pioneer program and set an example for the whole construction machinery industry in energy conservation and emission reduction; In 2013, the activity of "good driver in China" was launched, which successfully helped tens of thousands of operators at home and abroad achieve career growth in the next seven years; In 2018, the "red love" targeted poverty alleviation action was launched to help thousands of poor people in old revolutionary base areas get rid of poverty and become rich through equipment donation, vocational training, employment guidance and other measures in the past two years; Actively engaged in donating funds to help students, continuously donated hope primary schools in Xinjiang, Liaoning, Sichuan and Guizhou, and took the lead in establishing temporary hope scholarships in the industry. In 2020, covid-19, a series of products in Shandong, launched a global epidemic prevention and control program, donated hundreds of tons of vegetables and fruits to the affected areas, donated JG139 21 and 001 to the suspended glass curtain wall for the medical and anti epidemic medical materials in the countries. It provided users with comprehensive and thorough support for the epidemic. p>

a series of effective social public welfare activities have made temporary workers highly recognized inside and outside the industry. The brand reputation is increasing, the brand viscosity and user recognition are rising, and the global influence of the brand is increasing day by day

continuous development

more than innovation

looking forward to the future, facing the new market and new situation, temporary work will continue to adhere to the development strategy of "world vision, international standards, temporary work characteristics and high-quality development", practice the commitment of "reliable bearing and heavy trust", base itself on the country and face the world, and stride boldly and climb the peak of the world brand in the journey of building a century old temporary work

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